Locality Leadership Development Program

Hands on, practical ministry and leadership growth experience.

The Leadership Development Program at Locality Church is designed to be a hands on, practical ministry and leadership growth experience. The duration of LDP is September 10th- May 1st, excluding school holidays and breaks. During a participants experience, they will work on multiple teams, partake in Bible studies, and hear from leaders inside and outside of Locality. Participation in this program is on a volunteer basis and thus any hours past the required 5 during a week is up to the participant's decision.


1. Spiritual Development: The ultimate goal of the Locality Leadership Development Program is to raise up leaders in the Church who want to spend their lives following Christ. 

2. Ministry Discovery: The LDP will help guide each participant toward or away from full time vocational ministry; either outcome is celebrated and welcomed. We want to equip leaders for future ministry inside and outside of the church, as well by building disciples of Christ.

3. Professional Skills Development: The LDP will grow participants in their abilities to work on a team, speak in front of others, use higher reasoning and thinking skills as well as problem solving.

Requirements from an LDP Participant

-Minimum 5 hours a week

Sunday is mandatory (1 missed sunday allowed during Fall and 1 during Spring)

1. Participate in group meeting every month (between LDP participant, supervisor and all other LDP participants). Following this general pattern:


-vision casting

-group development... This would include Bible Study and applicable discussion which may at times be facilitated using other resources (i.e. books, videos, outside leaders etc.)

2. Meet on a bi-weekly basis in at least 1 discipleship relationship(LDP participant discipling someone else).

3. Be an active member of a volunteer team each week(Load-In/Out, Parking, Host, Children’s, Production, Worship) 

Leadership Development Program